Setting up Christmas decorations is much easier to do when you have a house that is not part of a complex. There is much more room to place decorations and keep them powered outside of a house, and there is typically more room to decorate with a carpet or a rug as well. While it is still possible to decorate an apartment or a condominium for the holidays, there are some hurdles that need to be bypassed. This is especially true if the apartment or condominium is very small. It is much more difficult to decorate for an 800 sq ft condominium or apartment than it is a house of the same size. For the purposes of this article, we will define an apartment/condominium as a place that is part of an entire complex where the households are next to each other in some aspect.

Christmas Decoration

Differences between houses and apartments/condominiums when it comes to decorating:

The biggest difference between these two households is that a house has a complete front and backyard. This makes it possible to decorate for the holidays completely without interfering with neighbors. Some condominiums/apartments have front yards, but if they do, there is not much room to decorate. It may be possible to decorate lightly, but not nearly as much as the front yard of a house. This presents an issue, as the front part is the most visible part of any household. All areas of the house can be decorated when it comes the exterior: The front and back yards, the roof, the porch, any of those areas are suitable for decorating. This is not the case with a condominium or an apartment. Additionally, most houses have power outlets on the exterior of the home, making it much easier to set lights up than in an apartment or condominium. This is also not the case with a condominium/apartment. The fact of the matter is that if you are living in an apartment or condominium, it can be a challenge to decorate. But it still can be done.

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All households have interior decorating options:

While apartments and condominiums have limited options for exterior holiday decorating, there is still an opportunity to decorate the interior. This can be done by hanging decorations on the wall or from the ceiling, but it can also be done with Christmas and holiday-themed rugsThe problem is that when it comes to apartments and condominiums, space is limited. While the best looking rugs for the holidays are very large in size, there are still alternatives that should be considered. The Modern Chakra rug is one of these alternatives. Being 5 feet by 8 feet, it is perfect for decorating any given living room of any given apartment or condominium. Being mostly white in color and having a design that has snowflake looking objects on it, it is a nice alternative for the bigger Christmas style rugs that are designed for bigger homes.

Christmas Decoration

An alternative to Christmas lights?

There are two roadblocks to setting up Christmas lights for an apartment or condominium. The first is that there are not too many places to connect them to. It is virtually impossible to set up lights on a roof or along the front walls of a condominium or apartment unit, and it is literally impossible to use the roof. This leaves one area: The balcony, and that’s if your apartment or condominium even has one. Fortunately, there is an alternative to this, and it comes in the form of neon signs. Neon signs are not like they used to be. While they were typically only used to denote if an entertainment venue was open or not in the past, fine handmade wool rugs to display all kinds of things, holiday-themed names, characters, and symbols included. This is great news for anyone in an apartment or condominium who still wants to decorate for the holidays. It is totally possible to set up a Christmas or other holiday-themed neon sign right in front of the door of your condominium or apartment. It is even possible to mount these kinds of signs to windows as well, making neon signs a very suitable alternative to Christmas lights.

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