We spend a considerable amount of time inside our homes, working, relaxing, or even entertaining friends or relatives, so we might as well make the most of our interiors. If the inside of our house looks less than adequate, it might affect our mood badly and compromise our efforts at being the best hosts out there. On the other hand, even if there is nothing objectively wrong with your interior, you might feel that there is a lot of untapped potentials that could take your living room to a whole new level. Whether you are ready to invest in it or just want a few inexpensive but effective modifications, here are a few tips on how you could make your space feel more luxurious.

Mind the colors

When it comes to interior design, not all colors are created equal. Some colors just look more expensive than others, and you can easily take advantage of this quality of theirs and instantly make your living room feel more luxurious. While dark, rich colors certainly feel luxe and opulent, unless you have a large living room, you’re better off steering clear of dark shades and going for a light, airy tones instead. Make sure you choose something that is not merely a trend but will stand the test of time, such as off-white and grey. When it comes to picking the right rug, ensure to use a light color carpet if you want your space to look bigger.  

Molding for a great effect

Adding molding to your living room walls is a fairly inexpensive renovation idea that you can even do yourself but it will have a great effect when it comes to the overall feel of the space. There are countless designs you can choose from, so feel free to pick whichever you like – or even go for luxurious-looking golden molding that will be a perfect accent on your walls and make you feel like you’re in a palace. Once you’ve got your molding, it’ll only take a few hours of work to install it.

luxury rugs

Warmth for the feet

Textures play an important role in making any room feel warm and luxurious. Therefore, you should introduce some throws and pillows in the accent colors of your room to pull it all together, but that’s not all. The most important part will be the floors. Getting one or two antique rugs will give an immense charm to your living room, and it doesn’t even have to break the bank if you manage to find beautiful rugs. The online rug store that we highly recommend is Rugs and Beyond Alternatively, you can also study the art of layering rugs for an extra warm effect.

Flowers for the soul

We all know plants are a very important part of any room as they bring in life with their green color and make us feel more relaxed and at home. But if you look up pictures of luxurious interiors, you will notice something: and that is fresh cut flowers. There is just something about flowers in a vase that exudes a sense of luxury, and always taking the time to put out fresh flowers also says the interior is well-maintained and cared for. Of course, you don’t have to buy fresh flowers every single day (although, it would certainly be a lovely daily routine), but don’t forget to bring in some color and fragrance whenever you’re expecting guests or just want to treat yourself. Combined with an antique flower vase, it can even be the focal point in the room. One can also use floral carpets to add that extra effect. 

Organize clutter

Clutter has no place in a luxurious interior, so if you have miscellaneous things lying around your living room, you can’t expect it to exude a sleek vibe. You don’t have to go completely minimalist if that is not your cup of tea or if it doesn’t fit your particular lifestyle, you just have to come up with ways of tastefully organizing your things. For instance, you can display your travel mementos and other decorative items on your bookshelves, using them to break up the monotony and give the arrangement a more airy feel. If you read a lot of magazines, instead of just throwing them on the coffee table, get a practical magazine holder and keep them organized and at hand’s reach. The key is always putting things back where they belong and not letting the room become messy.

Window treatments

Many people fail to realize the immense effect the right (or wrong) window treatment has on their interior. If you don’t believe in this, just try removing your curtains and you will immediately see how bare and cold the room appears. So, choosing the right window treatment will play a major role in making your living room more luxurious. If you’re going for a modern look, automatic blinds would probably be the cleanest solution, however, if you want some of that lush opulence, floor-to-ceiling drapes will give you the best effect. Just make sure they don’t look cheap and that they are the perfect fit. The best solution would be to have them custom made, although that might not be an option for everyone.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to bring in the extras. While you shouldn’t go over the top with decoration, a few effective pieces will make all the difference. For instance, make sure that a mirror (or even several of them) is a part of your living room decor. Its advantage is not only that it makes the space brighter and visually larger, but it is also one of the best decor pieces out there. Hunt for mirrors with antique frames and a strategically-hung mirror will become the focal point of your living room in no time.

An artsy touch

Finally, no room is complete without at least a little bit of art. Hanging up a piece or two is especially important if your walls are mostly bare. A large-scale artwork is the best way to go as it will have the biggest impact with little to no effort on your side. It will draw all the attention by just hanging there and it will speak volumes of your taste. Choose something that fits the color scheme of your interior – flea markets will be your best friends here too, unless you have a lot to spare for an outstanding piece. Adding a Silk Rug in Hamadan design or Kashan design will also add a luxurious touch to your place.

Making your living room feel luxurious is not too difficult if you follow the aforementioned tips. With a few little changes, your home will feel like a whole new place!

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