Airbnb is a company with a respectable reputation among the ones dealing in renting properties. It is a well-known brand among the travelers and hosts. Therefore, it was only fitting that it has a reward system to it most experienced hosts. Namely, if you prove to be an outstanding host and your guests give you excellent reviews, you will reach Superhost status.  This status will provide you steady guests and higher income, something you aimed for when you started to rent your property. But to become a Superhost you have to invest in your real estate, meaning that you have to make it attractive to the visitors. The décor can influence the opinion of your guests, so make that your number one priority. If you’re not that good with decorating, here are some tips what you can do.

1. Make it fun :

Playing with shapes and colours is one of the main aspects of any home. However, when it comes to rentals, you have to think about everybody's taste, not just your own. This easily makes people mistake and think that they shouldn't use colour. Since the idea is to draw attention to yourself, you can always seek advice from the colour wheel to combine a perfect palette for your décor. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that every piece of furniture has to be flamboyant, but only that some could be in bolder colour. For example, yellow coffee table among the natural colours would open up space, or ultra violet sofa among the earthy colors of the living room décor. 

2. Be unique :

Thinking outside the box can help you achieve the edge which just might be the attracting factor. This means that you can go ahead and play with the theme of your rental. This will create uniqueness and draw attention to you.

You have many options when it comes to this since you can play with different themes. For example, if you rent by the sea, you can paint the walls light blue and accentuate the wooden beams. This will create a natural ambiance in perfect harmony with the view to the beach and turquoise water.

3. A comfortable retreat :

One of the things you share with the hotel management is that both of your guests like to feel comfortable. You may not have a room service, but you can create much more comfortable décor than one at the hotel.

Instead of covering just the basics, turn your rental into functional and beautiful getaway heaven with some colour and plush furniture. Big bed with canopy surrounded by neutral and warm tones will look like a lullaby to the guests. Pair that with a fireplace and some amazing rugs and your rental will become a perfect retreat for those who want to shut out the world in luxury.

4. Clean and simple :

If you’re unsure, you can always use minimalist design to create clean and simple resting place. Minimalism speaks directly to the human need for freedom and order. Even with this design, you can build the character of your rental and more easily change certain details. However, the first step would be to eliminate some things from inside and outside of your rental.

You can use reliable rubbish removal services for this in order to have a clean slate at your disposal. Choose neutral, lighter colours and don't overstuff the space with furniture. Choose only the necessary pieces will geometrical textures here and there. It's very important that you avoid overlapping layers and allow each piece to breathe. Choose one colour, like blue or ultraviolet and add it to a vase, painting or carpet.

5. City cottage:

In 2017, the rustic and organic interior design was the most sought after. Due to its peaceful tones and calming environment, it’s no wonder it will be a magnet for those who want to relax. Cottage design provides warmth and homey atmosphere which will nurture those needing the escape from the chaotic world. 

This design is all about natural materials and comfort. Pair white walls with the wooden kitchen services, and add two chairs beside the small fireplace. Copper bathtub instead of the shower will look classy and appeal to the rusticity of the place. Flowers on the windows and blankets on the sofa will undeniably be a welcoming detail for the guests.

Lastly :

Being a Superhost should certainly be something to go for since it will be a perfect reward for your hard work. Besides the monetary aspects, it will bring you a lot of interesting people from all around the world and new experiences. So choose a design to win the hearts of your guests and prepare to be super. 

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