They say you are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. Similarly, you are how your living space is, which speaks volumes. Envision a room with beautifully handcrafted furniture, subtle wall paint or wallpaper and magnificent home décor items. But there is something missing that makes the room appear bare and empty. In other words, any given space without a stunning handmade rug is incomplete. Whether a traditional or contemporary rug is placed, the beauty of the space escalates and makes the room look even more inviting.

Without Rug

Room without a Rug

With Rug 

Room with a Rug 

There are various factors to consider when picking a handmade rug which are type, weave, knots, usability, budget, design, color and size. One should take into account all these variables when picking a carpet for his space. After all, investing in a good quality carpet is certainly worth all the money since it can be passed on from generations and generations to come altogether. However, once a good quality rug is purchased it is crucial to take its care and maintenance as well into account to increase the longevity of the rug.

A space without the use of a high quality rug would not only look empty or bare but it would also appear as if something is missing. It would give that incomplete look and the overall interiors of a space would look mismatched.

According to interior design specialists, a rug is much more than a home décor accessory. It has become an absolute necessity and today’s time given the warmth and comfort that it exudes. A mot of people are of the notion that a rug is only required during cold, wintery months since it generates warmth and comfort. However, that’s not true. A rug should be used all year round since contrary to the popular belief; it certainly does not generate any heat of any sort. Infact, if a carpet is rolled and kept aside, it is prone to moths and chances of it getting spoiled increases significantly.

A good quality hand-woven carpet can either be made in pure New Zealand wool or pure silk from China. Ordinary wool can also be used but the rug would not be as fine. Moreover, an artificial silk rug is not recommended since it is highly inflammable and catches fire easily. Imagine, if accidently a candle drops on a carpet, the entire room would be lit on fire. Hence, to avoid such mishaps, it is recommended to either go in for a pure wool or pure silk Rug.

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